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The Magic of Santa Barbara

It’s undeniable, there is something special about Santa Barbara. While perhaps not everyone finds SB to be a suitable home (perhaps too sleepy or not enough variety in employment) it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t find our town special in a very magical way. If you have had the luxury of flying into the Santa Barbara airport or have had the chance to look back at the city from a boat on the water; the city and it’s placement between the mountains and the ocean is absolutely captivating.

From either vantage point you see that the city is large enough to know there is a lot to see and do, however small enough to feel like this town is your community and, although you can be anonymous should you choose, you also feel immediately integrated.

All over the world people have tried to associate with the magic that is Santa Barbara. There are door and window styles named after our city, paint colors and even a soap opera. If you have ever travelled out of the country you have undoubtedly come across many people who have never been to the US but know of our small town. Perhaps part of its allure is the proximity to Los Angeles and San Francisco. People are certainly intrigued by the artsy and outdoorsy vibe that is pervasive in Santa Barbara and find it fascinating that it’s placed within driving distance between two globally iconic cities. How could a city so close be so different in comparison. For decades Santa Barbara has done its part to stay true to its roots and size. It is not to say that we don’t have issues with housing supply and sky high rents and home prices but it has been 100% intentional to keep the growth and change in Santa Barbara at a slower pace. Perhaps it’s the red spanish tiles roofs peeking out all across town, the below average number of big box store names or the unique direction that our beaches face (south!) Santa Barbara is visually full of intrigue and is undeniably, unique and special.

It’s close proximity to Los Angeles has also made our city a respite for celebrities. With the ability to be in Santa Barbara in a couple short hours from LA it’s been a preferred second home to celebrities for years. What is treasured most about this is that aside from the proximity celebrities know they can enjoy a level of anonymity here that is unattainable elsewhere. Perhap anonymity isn’t even the right word. You get a sense around town that most people don’t want to draw attention to Santa Barbara’s star power because they feel it may tarnish the SB vibe. Beyond that, we expect local and visitors alike to treat our city with white-glove care as it is paramount to protect what we have and that goes for each and every person. It seems that an unspoken truth about life in Santa Barbara is that it’s a place to enjoy, relax and truly treasure. This is not to say that people don’t work hard however don’t be surprised if your attorney or CPA shows up to a coffee meeting in board shorts or with a swimsuit strap peeking out from their work attire. Santa Barbara is magic, at least it is to us and we hope to help others to find magic in their Santa Barbara time too. Explore, find your magic and enjoy!


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