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Real Estate Management

Responsiveness, impeccable service and trust are central attributes to the SB-Conceirge business. This is why we enlist their services to help us manage our properties and our time in Santa Barbara.

                                                             ~ Lydia (part-time SB resident/property owner)

Property Management



​For property owners that live in or live part-time in their properties.


  • Schedule & Monitor cleaning service

  • Property Maintenance & repairs

  • Lock-and-Go Services

Rental Management



Short or long term rental management:

  • Advertising

  • Property Showings

  • Tenant selection

  • Monthly Accountings

  • Tenant turnover services including all cleaning & maintenance

Construction Monitoring


Being away during a construction project can be very stressful and if you are in town it is very time consuming.  We provide regular site visits & monitoring, on-call availability and leverage technology to make sure that your home and belongings are safe & secure. 

Additional Concierge and Consulting Services ~ Connect with us today about maximizing your real estate investments.  Whether you're considering renting your home for the first time or looking to add an ADU, we would love to help explore your options from all angles (aesthetics, financial and more).  

Contact us to learn more.  

We appreciate your message. We will be back in touch soon.

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