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Giving you enjoy your space

Here at SB-Concierge we feel that this short statement embodies why we established our business. If you think of the one thing that almost everyone wants more of, it’s time. Time provides freedom

and the ability to do more of what you love, more of what you need to do, more of what makes your heart content. Most people believe that if they have more time they will lead a more balanced life, they will spend more time following their passion or dedicate more time to the people they care about most.

It’s this gift of time that we give to our clients. Through our services our clients are not only given time but also peace of mind. When we are providing rental management services we are making our client’s real property assets work harder for them and operate more efficiently. When we take this burden off of their shoulders it allows them to allocate that time to something else; and we hope it’s something that provides enjoyment.

When we work with clients as a lifestyle concierge we get a thrill out of the fact that we know when a service is booked or a house is prepped for their arrival they will in turn be delighted, have more time and ultimately feel more relaxed and able to live, what we call, the Santa Barbara lifestyle.

And what does space mean to you? It means something different to everyone we meet. For some, it is their physical space, usually their home. This definition of space gives us plenty of opportunity to help a homeowner create the space and environment where they can be most relaxed and get maximum enjoyment out of. Whether it’s preparing a house for their arrival or connecting them with the interior designer that fits they personality and style the best we enjoy helping them with their space.

For others it’s space to let them breathe. Space in the air, space outside, space between the thoughts that occupy their time. SB-Concierge frees up space and gives you back time. We wish for ourselves and for others to have ample time to enjoy your space. What will you do with your extra time and space?

Cheers to Giving you time…to enjoy your space!

Laura & Cammie


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